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January 2020 “Building Intrigue When Talking about What You Do”

January 6, 2020

As we start the New Year we are newly energized to take on new challenges, personal, and professional growth, as well as vowing to follow a new direction. If you believe in the effects of Solar Eclipses 2020 will be the year for you. Solar eclipses are typically for new beginnings and great opportunities. Because they happen in the New Moon, it is important to write down all your intentions and what new things you want to manifest for this period.

Many businesses, freelancers and service providers make the mistake of focusing on themselves rather than on their clients’ needs. They also don’t make it clear what value they provide. For example, they might tell everyone they work as a virtual assistant, but don’t make it clear exactly what top services they provide. Writing intriguing marketing copy in relation to your services can help you get more clients, and it is easier than you think.

Who Will Hire You?

Many companies are now hiring freelancers in order to do particular tasks which are either too boring or laborious for them to bother with, or which they don’t have the staff to cover. This being the case, there are many opportunities for virtual assistants and other service providers to work on a range of special projects, or get a steady stream of clients they can help every day.

A good virtual assistant can be worth their weight in gold to a busy executive particularly if they can’t afford or have a steady stream of work for a full time Public Relations Officer. A good PRO can take care of the many administrative tasks related to running a successful business and frees the executive / owner up to focus on business development, product development, and other important tasks that will increase their revenue stream.

Your Value as a Service Provider

You need to make your value proposition clear from the outset when you are writing your description of your services, but you can do so in an intriguing way. Some virtual assistants are generalists who will do just about any business-related tasks just as if they were a personal assistant working full time in an office. Others specialize in particular areas or computer programs.

One of the most popular specialties for service providers is WordPress, the number one blogging software in the world. Many business owners use it to create their websites. Once they have a website, they need to keep it up to date. Virtual assistants, who can upload content, schedule it, optimize it for search engines and so on, and will command a higher salary than a generalist. Most business typically has a website, but make a fatal mistake by not keeping it current and fresh with new content.

Be Solutions Oriented

When you are writing your copy, intrigue your audience by painting a picture of how great life can be if they hire you or by highlighting how your services will ease their daily stress. Start by showing that you understand their pain points; that is, the things that they find most difficult in their business, which might be holding them back from the success they deserve.

By showing you understand their pain points, you are offering a solution to those problems through the services that you provide. What would their life be like if they didn’t have to spend so much time working on WordPress and or other mundane websites and computer programs? How much more time would they have to grow their business if you took over their email marketing campaigns? The above simply highlighted the service of online marketing. This is not limited; business is in the business of service. Whether it be lawyers, CPS’s or manufactures who make products, a service is still being provided.

Your Pitch Should Support Your Assertions

It’s relatively easy to write intriguing copy, but you also have to convince the reader that you can deliver. Your pitch needs to tell a story to keep the reader’s attention and intrigue them to keep reading. The story should interweave the challenge, the solution and the conclusion highlighting what your company can do while at the same time enticing them with in your marketing materials and services provided.
If you’ve been struggling to get new clients, rewrite your marketing materials to make them more intriguing and compelling, and you should soon see clients who are willing to give you the opportunity to provide your services and new exciting projects.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."
- Dr. Napoleon Hill