Allawos & Company


Fujian Longxi (LS) Bearing Corporation Limited

At the beginning of 2015, triumphant news keeps pouring in. Since the establishment of our strategic partnership, by your unremitting efforts, both in technology development and in business development we have gained fruitful achievements. First the testing results of our new liner system and secondly for our new business opportunities with the signing of NDA’s with new potential customers, this is very exciting. Thirdly, Longxi Bearing USA Inc. is establishing according to our plan, we have full expectation for that.

All of these depended on your excellent work, here, on behalf of the LS team; I would like to extend our most sincere gratitude for you. And with your continuously & strong support, we firmly believe that our cooperation will achieve more success in the future.

Zeng Fan Pei
Chairman of the Board

San Marino Venture Group

“Allawos & Company has been critical in helping San Marino Venture Group and our portfolio of partner companies define business goals and develop strategies to achieve them. Allawos & Company is also one of the great connectors of the world; they generously open their considerable Rolodex when they see that there will be mutual benefit, even when it is not readily apparent to anyone but themselves. Allawos & Company has great integrity and is not afraid to ask tough questions and push for answers. San Marino Venture Group is pleased to partner with Allawos & Company and is proud to have them on our advisory board.”

Eric C. Miller
San Marino Venture Group


Allawos & Company was and is instrumental in helping Con10U2 Farm develop our strategy and our business plan to launch our sustainable food company. Their advanced knowledge in sustainability and growing in Aquaponics and hydroponics was a large advantage to us including their expertise in renewable energy and water systems. We continue to rely on Allawos & Company to grow our business in strategic thinking and business development.

Joseph Mount
Owner Con10U2Farm

McKinstry Co.

“I would recommend Allawos & Company to any business looking to grow, or become more strategic with their target markets.”

Tom Bowen
Vice President, McKinstry

The Tagos Group

“I’ve worked with Michael over the past several months on business development and partnering opportunities. Michael is very astute, focused, detail oriented, and importantly tenacious, when it comes to developing new business.

He has outstanding relationships across a broad spectrum of business and government. Michael’s real strength is closing the deal and making sure all parties walk away from the table assured that they have the best arrangement or representation possible.”

Bill Dykes
Vice President of Business Development
November 2, 2012

Atmospheric Water Systems, Inc.

Allawos & Company is outstanding in identifying technologies which together make the standard for the “Green for All” movement / initiative’s. Intelligent, resourceful, open-minded are just a few words that come to mind when describing the firm.

Allawos & Company most certainly uses all of their capabilities to make a project successful. Our firm creates technologies which extract water vapor from the atmosphere then collects, filters and stores it for drinking.

The firm identified our need for off grid capabilities and was able to successfully connect us with a viable energy partner and assist in our negotiation process. Inquire about what Allawos & Company can do for your business. January 17, 2012

Randal R. Moos
President & CEO

Royal Truck Body

Originally, we were introduced to Allawos and Co. as an organization with a “knack for improving production throughput”. Well, it so happens that was only a small part of the story.

In addition, we have found a Trusted Advisor who has made numerous contributions to many facets of the business. In addition to streamlining our production system, Allawos has redirected the utilization of our ERP; overhauled our IT systems; been the conduit to beneficial insurance and banking relationships; and is researching new manufacturing resources, globally and locally.

Michael himself makes “The Allawos Experience” uniquely rewarding. He is straight forward, accountable, effective, fully invested, and smart-as-a-whip. Quite frankly, Michael is unlike any consultant we have ever known. October 19, 2012

Dudley DeZonia
President FR, LLC. dba Royal Truck Body

Ambassador, Austrian Embassy

“Michael has a great entrepreneurial spirit, is a political and strategic thinker, always ahead of the curve. He is well connected and has an excellent understanding for the national and international context of whatever endeavor he is involved in. Michael is a businessman, an innovator and a diplomat. Werner Brandstetter, Austrian Ambassador to Canada, former Consul General to California and former Dean of the Los Angeles Consular Corps”

Ambassador Werner Brandstetter

September 24, 2011

Colorama Wholesale Nursery

“My experience working with Michael has shown the following strengths:-Positive Attitude-Politically savvy-Tremendous integrity-Forward thinker-Great business mind-Cut to the chase – gets the job done-Well respected by employees and peers-Excellent communicator Michael would be an asset to any Company. ”

Richard Wilson
October 13, 2011

AccelWind Holdings, Inc.

Allawos & Company, LLC has assisted us in identifying key technologies, partners and strategies, working to solve some critical and strategic infrastructure issues for our clients. These relationships assist both our organization, as well as our client’s organization in reaching their corporate goals in a more timely and cost effective manner. Our company provides turn-key solutions for off and on-grid power and water projects.

We have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Allawos over the past three years and have found his intelligence and candor very refreshing. We look forward to Allawos & Company’s continued efforts in our behalf. January 18, 2012

James E. Solomon
CEO and President AccelWind Holdings, Inc.

Stanford Carr Development, LLC

“I worked with Michael Allawos on the advance coordination and planning leading up to a test installation of a prototype vertical wind turbine on Oahu, Hawaii. I found Mr. Allawos to be extremely competent and very easy to work with on the business, governmental and technical aspects of the project. He brought a great deal of enthusiasm and energy to our discussions and represents his company in an exemplary manner.

Richard Riegels
Exec. VP
October 6, 2011


“Michael Allawos is a natural when it comes to bridging the communication gap from the sciences to the lay person. Being able to grasp a concept and articulate that concept to individuals as well as the masses.

I appreciated and respected working with Michael on the various projects here at Caltech and as one of the past sitting Board Members at California Energy & Power. He brought a driven clarity for success in a disciple manner.

As the Vice Provost for Caltech and as the Hans W. Liepmann Professor of Aeronautics and Professor of Bioinspired Engineering specializing in Hydro and aerodynamics, biological flows, bio-inspired medical devices, and advanced flow visualization techniques, I look forward to working with Michael in the future.”

Mory Gharib
October 18, 2011

"Even if you're on the right track you'll get run over if you just sit there."
- Will Rogers