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About Us

What we do:

Whether in corporate development, strategic planning, decision making with practical implementation strategies, alliances, market development, diplomatic engagement or manufacturing optimization, our veteran team brings the expertise required.

Our people & global reach:

Allawos & Company is a unique global business consulting firm, tuned to enable organizations around the world, identify and enhance their opportunities through creative engagement. Built on a foundation of decades of senior management experience, we are passionate about delivering positive and measurable results to any company that we engage with and have the expertise and experience to work with all levels of an organization.


Sustainable results require a focus on the core issues of an organization and identification of overlooked opportunities. Our scope of knowledge, experience and global relationships ensure success and satisfaction for our clients by building on client strengths while transforming weaknesses into growth opportunities.

Senior Consultants

Do your goals align with current and future capabilities?

How will your organization move from success to greatness?

What problem(s) can we help you solve?

Our goal is to leave a transformative impact as well as the tools for ongoing client success, ingraining and integrating new capabilities for lasting and continuous improvement that will meet the challenges of tomorrow as well as today.

A wise person doesn’t always know the answer but knows where to find it, find Allawos & Company.

Our Mission Statement

Provide value and trusted business consulting services, improving the clients condition and leaving behind the tools for growth.

Why you should choose Allawos & Company as your Management Consulting Firm

"If you listen to your fears, you will dies never knowing what a great person you might have been."
-Robert H. Schuller