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We have professionals strategically placed around the world to better serve our growing customer base.

Global Professionals
Allawos & Company’s professional community, aligns itself to fill the major spaces within industry and government. We align only with those professionals that share our same goals, culture and aspirations to create a diverse array of human and technical assets, helping our client’s obtain their desired outcome.

Our professionals have extensive experience within their field of expertise with an average of over thirty years of experience to share with our client base for fulfilling our sense of accomplishment and our customer’s sense of satisfaction and value.

Allawos & Company, LLC is a business consultancy firm that has seasoned senior specialist in a wide variety of fields that will bring solutions to the customer.


Michael Allawos (USA) Michael Allawos

Allawos & Company was established by Michael Allawos as its President, fulfilling the goal of using his experience and worldwide access in helping organizations reach their maximum potential. To reach these goals we have a wide range of professionals with decades of experience that enjoy and thrive in helping individuals and organizations through their challenges in attaining positive growth.

Prior to establishing Allawos & Company, LLC., Michael was the President / COO as well as the acting CFO for a southern California renewable energy company responsible for the development and launch of disruptive new wind turbine technology around the world. Before filling the two rolls of Vice President of Business Development and President / COO at the Southern California renewable energy based company, he was the founder and President of a Southern California based manufacturing company for 22 years specializing in the aerospace community with in excess of over 27 million in contracts before it was sold in 2006. In tandem with managing and operating the manufacturing company, he also established a software company that developed industry ERP/MRP software solutions. The software company was sold in 1998.

Michael was also a founding Board member for Southland Business Bank, responsible for being on the Loan Committee, Chairman of Policies and Procedures, and Chairman of the Community Re-Investment Committee prior to being sold in 2003. Michael was then asked to be the Chairman of the Advisory Board for the acquiring Bank.

Michael Allawos is an experienced and knowledgeable “C Level” Executive with decades of experience, who founded and has grown companies from start-up to acquisition through strategic thinking and goal setting. Michael has a wide range of experience including finance, cash management, banking, complex machine part fabrication, software development, sales, business development, renewable energy, facilitation, senior management and international diplomacy. Michael has been acknowledged and decorated by allies of the United States and has been featured and honored in many publications.

The postings of awards and recognitions is a partial listing. Michael has also been active in pro-bono work for start-ups with limited resources on a case by case basis, giving back to the business community for which he came.

Senior Diplomat & Strategist (Austria)


Ambassador Werner Brandstetter has served as Austria’s Ambassador to Canada from 2008 through October of 2012 and currently resides at the Austrian Foreign Ministry in Vienna.

An economist by training, he has published several papers on East-West issues, in particular on energy projections and on the American and the Austrian political systems.

Before arriving in Canada, he was accredited as Austria’s ambassador to Surinam and Brasilia, and has served his country in the United States, the Czech Republic, Germany and Russia.

Senior International Business Development Consultant (South Africa)

Mr. Albert van Rensburg has served as South Africa’s Consul General to Los Angeles from 2000 through 2005 and currently resides in Johannesburg South Africa.

International relations by training with a degree in law, Albert has focused on business and worldwide business development. Albert has focused on several key areas of business and disciplines including Healthcare, Mining, Energy, Government Relations, Consumer Goods, Engineering Strategic Marketing, the Film Industry and Conflict Resolution.

Albert is currently working with multinational companies from around the world in establishing new and existing business opportunities on the continent of Africa.

Albert’s prior diplomatic postings before the United States have been; Vienna Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

Senior Consultant (USA and China)

Lei Wang
Lei Wang is the CEO of Fannet Technologies Inc., Located in the heart of CBD Pasadena, Fannet Technologies Inc. strives to investment and development of Industrial Estate, Data Centers and Advanced Manufacture Eco-Campus associated with Data Centers Industry. He is also the Chief Representative of China-California Infrastructure Investment and Development Task Force organized by Consulate-General of People’s Republic of China in San Francisco. Meanwhile Lei is the Board Member of San Gabriel Economic Partnership.

Lei Wang has had significant education and experience in Sin o US Business Development investments, developments and operations both in US and
China. His expertise has be e n utilized by Corporate America and Corporate Chinese in last 25 years in various industries including in Real Estate,
Infrastructure and High Technology.

Prior to Fannet Technologies Inc, he was CEO of high profile Powerchina RealEstate US Holding Ltd, a Fortune 500 Chinese Infrastructure Investment Group from 2016 2018. He was also a key executive director who was one of the core team to oversee the overall investment and development Shanghai Disney Resort ($ 5.5 Billion) with Walter Disney Imagineering from 2011 2016. He was also Vice President for Parsons Brinckerhoff China from 2009 2011 and Dire ctor of Operations of Midwest Region of Parsons Brinckerhoff America 200 1 2008 and Project Manager of Ascott Group of Singapore from 1995 1999

In Lei ’s career, he has been always a leading member of some high profileprojects such as Shanghai Disney Resort, Chicago O’hare Modernization
Pro gram of the O’hare International Airp ort, Wuhan People s Parade Mall, and US Embassy in Republic of Singapore.

Lei received his Master of Management in Project Management from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, Master of Science in Civil Engineering from National University of Singapore, Republic of Singapore, and Bachelor of Science in Naval Architecture from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. He once taught engineering classes Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. He once taught engineering classes in Wuhan Urban Construction Wuhan Urban Construction Institute.

Lei was married to Ms . Kate Jiang, and they have three children, Sabrina, Sherry and Daniel. Sarbina is working in Campton, CA, Sherry is Sophomore in UC Santa Barbara and Daniel is at his 2 nd grade in Julis Morris Elementary School. They all live in Cypress, Orange County.

Senior Consultant (USA)


Bill Dykes our senior business consultant is focused on providing cost effective and efficient business solution, primarily in oil, gas and agriculture that will significantly and positively affect the bottom line both from a capital expenditure and operating expense perspective. Those solutions may be leading edge products and services or business process optimization. The key is facilitating change and business improvement from an agnostic perspective that companies have difficulty achieving with strictly internal resources.

Specialties: Oil and Gas Support Services, Water Resources and Reuse, Business Development, Regulatory Management Processes, Operational Improvement, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, International Relations, Marketing, Brand and Image Management, Community Relations.

Senior Consultant (USA)


James Kohlhaas (Jim) has a long history in innovation and energy matters with nearly three decades of experience in large-scale systems integration and energy. Jim began his career in offshore oil production and exploration and has held various leadership positions at SAIC as Senior Vice President in the energy, environment, and infrastructure business and had focused on executing SAIC’s energy strategy and accelerating the company’s growth in the energy market.

At Lockheed Martin, Jim was the Vice President of Energy Initiatives responsible for developing the strategic direction for the CE&T Energy Campaign and Business Development to leverage capabilities and grow the energy market. Vice President of Spatial Solutions, responsible for delivering spatial intelligence and information solutions to national, tactical, and civil communities. Chief Engineer, Chief Architect, and Program Manager responsible for delivering prototypes, experiments and analysis that demonstrate the advantages of a net-centric approach.

Jim’s experience includes integrating energy efficiency, smart grid, renewables, fuel cells, bio energy, waste to energy, nuclear energy, and carbon management services development and implementation of strategic business into the energy market.

Graduating with a degree in Petroleum Engineering from Penn State University and completing the coursework towards a Masters in Engineering Science, Mr. Kohlhaas is a certified Program Manager, LM Fellow Emeritus and 2 time winner of the LM NOVA award. In addition, he servers on Penn State University’s College of IS&T advisory board.

Senior Consultant (Switzerland)

Magnus Caspar

Magnus Caspar is a “C” level business development specialist with specialties in finance, asset management, venture capitalist and executive coaching.

As a worldwide business professional, Magnus speaks six languages including English, Swedish, German, Norwegian, Danish and some French and has significant global travels.

Magnus built sales from US$ 100 million to more than US$ 2 billion, opened up offices in Abu Dhabi in UAE and in Osaka and Nagoya in Japan.

Holds an MS in Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm with his thesis in computer aided simulation of production flows at ABB Robotics. Magnus holds a Bachelorette in Economics, Stockholm University, Stockholm, with his thesis in Umbrella accounts for banks and large corporations

Senior Consultant Realestate Development & Governmental Affairs (USA)

Dennis Alfieri

Dennis Alfieri is a Real Estate Developer and a Governmental Affairs specialist. A Principal at Alfieri Investments and the Founding, Managing Member of Bantry Property Services, LLC as well as one of the original Developers of the Irwindale Speedway.

Dennis is currently Vice Chairman of the Los Angeles County Harbor Commission since 2009 and is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors concerning issues relating to the operation and management of Marina del Rey located in Southern California.

Dennis is a 31-year member of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association and a member of the Executive Committee and a Board of Director for the Children’s Burn Foundation and a Board of Trustees for Methodist Hospital foundation.

Dennis began his career serving as a Field Representative for a U.S. Congressman and in 1983 Dennis joined the office of Presidential Advance team where he performed both domestic and international advance coordination for President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan. Dennis was a member of the Commission of Presidential Scholars and Delegates to the White House Conference on Small Business.

Dennis earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California.

Senior Consultant (China & Hong Kong) Board Member

Alex Kam

Mr. Alex Kam is a dynamic global businessman with decades of leadership whether as a public servant aiding members of Congress in global affairs or establishing a running multi-million dollar organization as a founding member.

Mr. Kam has founded banking institutions and currently serves as a member of the board of directors at Pacific Alliance Bank. Mr. Kam also serves as a member of the board of director of Godfrey (China) Limited and has been added as a principal with Allawos & Company.

For over the past six years, Mr. Kam has served as Vice Chairman of China United Industrial Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of consumer electronics in China. From aerospace engineer to an accomplished business man as well as a diplomat, Mr. Kam has shown a wide array of talents. Mr. Kam received a bachelor’s from UCLA and a master’s in science.

Senior Consultant, Water Treatment Specialist (USA)

James Shivers

James Shivers has the ability to analyze needs and to develop the solutions by working with the human resources required to properly handle a turnkey project. With thirty plus years of professional experience servicing large and small organizations around the world in the process design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and construction of total water treatment systems for industrial and potable projects.

Jim’s expertise is in water chemistry, clarification, filtration, ion-exchange, countercurrent regeneration, deaerators, vacuum degasifiers, condensate polishing, membranes: MF, NF and UF; RO-brackish and seawater; electrodeionization (EDI), special processes, waste remediation, waste minimization and recycle.

Applications engineering design, sizing, ratings, process selection, system and related equipment sizing, membrane selection and rating, ion-exchange resin ratings and regeneration schedules are a few areas of specialties.

Project responsibilities include process audits, process analysis and design, specification writing, bid evaluation, review of engineering submittals, final site inspection, system troubleshooting and training.

Jim holds degrees in Engineering as well as in Business Administration. Additional studies have been taken in water treatment, hydraulics, and controls as well as studies from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.

Employee & Customer Relations Specialist (USA)

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones is a seasoned expert in Employee and Client relations as well as contract negotiations and management facilitation with decades of hands on experience. Stephanie has the unique ability to surgically cut through the noise and distractions of any situation to bring clarity and purpose to any circumstances or engagement whether it’s working with start-up companies or with fortune 500’s with high degree of success and mutual satisfaction.

Project responsibilities include employee management assistance, client facilitation, conflict resolution, contract negotiations and training as well as executive counseling.

Stephanie holds a Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Additional studies have been taken in the field of business.

Principal Consultant, Human Development

Dr. David J. French
Dr. French attended Claremont Graduate University where he received his M.A. and Ph.D. Degrees. He did a pre-doctoral internship at LAC-USC Medical School. He is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, and Certified in Biofeedback. He served as President of the California Biofeedback Society. He is also Board Certified in Disability Trauma and Traumatic Stress. He is a Police Psychologist (Badge 186) and is the Director of the Trauma Assessment Team for the Whittier Police Department.

He has been in private practice for 37 years and is a Corporate Consultant to many businesses and medical groups providing Executive Coaching, Peak Performance Training, Team Building and Conflict Resolution, Sales Training and Behavior Management Training.

He has developed two unique and extremely powerful intensive therapeutic programs: Personal Balance™ Training and I.AM. ™ Training. Dr. French is the Author of three books: “In Search of the Real Me”, “You Can’t Trust Your Own Mind” and “The Only Moment There Is” (published by the Humanics Publishing Group).

His Intensive Therapy Programs provide a unique, highly focused treatment intervention that successfully penetrates deeper defensive layers that are resistive to traditional psychotherapy. The results provide transformational changes that give a person the tools to awaken and maintain their awareness, while participating in everyday activities. The maintenance of the awareness allows a person’s true gifts to manifest to “live” life rather than just “survive” it.

Dr. French has published several research articles and has conducted hundreds of lectures, seminars and executive retreats. He has several radio and television appearances including Channel 7 Eyewitness News and the AM Los Angeles Show. He produced and co-hosted the TV cable show “Stress Line”

Dr. French was Director of Work Adjustment for the San Gabriel Valley Training Center for the Developmentally and Physically Disabled. Receiving support from IBM and Richard Howell, he pioneered the Nation’s first Computer Operator Program for the Developmentally Disabled. The program continues to be successful today.

Dr. French is an avid body builder, who believes in exercise as a primary modality and incorporates both weight training and cardiovascular conditioning in his daily exercise routine. He strongly believes that each one of us is a separate and distinct individual who must take responsibility for his or her emotional and physical well-being. He advocates practicing what he preaches and believes that it is important to live one’s philosophy of life not just talk about it.
Dr. French resides in Whittier with his wife Cynthia and their four children: Jen, Ashely, Courtney and Scott.

"Even if you're on the right track you'll get run over if you just sit there."
- Will Rogers