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January 2022 “Change and the Unknown”

January 11, 2022

As we start the New Year we look forward to new beginnings or not, depending on your life situation; however, change is inevitable, and the unknown does exist. Unless you have a special crystal ball that no one else on the planet has.

As for the economy, in normal times January usually sets the pace for the rest of the year, but we aren’t in normal times. My parents use to tell me that back in their day they could plan with a certain amount of certainty but as time moves on and technology increases what once took days or weeks now takes minutes or seconds.

What about the talk about robotics taking over work that is normally accomplished by humans??? That is a ridiculous statement since automation has been with us since the beginning of time it has just exponentially expanded due to necessity on a multitude of levels.

Our geopolitical world that we live in is in a state of flux with those wanting to erase the past and create a new reality and those wanting to hold on to a coulter that is familiar and represents stability and those forces with their own agenda and control (the grass isn’t always greener on the other side!).

So how do we move forward with our businesses in this hyper changing world? How do we either maintain and or grow with less resources in both materials and human assets? Part of the answer is personal responsibility by getting involved in your community and government. In many cases if not most government is not the answer but they should be a trusted partner. We need to encourage entrepreneurial-ship, vocational training, and reduces regulations.

For those business ever so small to the mid-size and above “must” offer internships and apprentice programs. Apprentice programs have been around since the dawn of time but have been dwindling with an over reliance on the educational system to produce the workers of today and tomorrow.

Creating and or reviewing your business plan optimized for the environment that we find ourselves in with a five-year projection with growth in mind is a key. Ask an outsider for whom you trust to come and look at how easy it would be for them to run your operation without knowing anything. This will give you a look are how complicated or how simple your operation is to manage. The more complicated the more room for mistakes and loss of revenue as well as it being harder to train that new apprentice or intern that you hired.

Review your systems and processes to see where automation can be of benefit, not just in the shop or plant floor but in the office as well. Automation will march forward with or without you, stay competitive.

Your New Years resolution needs to be “Change the Unknown” drive your path forward before someone else drives it for you!

"We cannot achieve more in life than what we believe in our heart of hearts we deserve to have."
- James R. Ball