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October 2022 “Charismatic Leaders”

October 19, 2022

I thought that with the upcoming elections cycle this newsletter highlighting “Charismatic Leaders” would be most appropriate but not just for politics sake but as a view into the business world and how it can apply.

Alexander the great crossed the unconquerable Alps Mountain along with his soldiers, which until then no one had conquered. What was it that led their followers to believe in them that they did the unthinkable? These leaders, charismatic indeed, had won the trust of their followers to such an extent that the followers believed in every word, action and deed of their leader.

What is charismatic leadership all about? It is the magnetic personality of the leader, which attracts peoples’ mind, body and soul. These people are willingly to accept their leader’s authority and are ready to lay down even their life for the pleasure of their beloved master.

Charismatic leadership is a trait, and the charismatic leaders constantly hone their skills to win their followers’ loyalty. Charismatic leaders constantly device strategies and keep on innovating themselves so that their followers are always with them. Charismatic leaders first try to understand the environment in which they are working. They give a great deal of importance to peoples’ moods and sentiments and try to associate with them personally. They exhibit tremendous and deep faith in their followers. They enchant their followers’ heart by their wit and charm. Charismatic leadership is not only about using words to impress the followers; it is also about conveying the right message to the followers with effective body language.

Charismatic leadership is also about creating a unique identity of the group, which is very distinct from the other groups. The leaders create a distinct image of the group in the minds of the followers so that the followers can easily identify themselves with the group (mirroring), which in turn gives the followers a sense of belongingness. The charismatic leader has tremendous self-belief; they always walk the talk, has patience, and exhibit tremendous determination. They have high risk-taking capability. They are ready to give up conventional ideas and willingly go for an unconventional way to achieve the desired result; most of the time excellence is the outcome.

Not everything about a charismatic leadership is fascinating. It has some darker side too. What if a charismatic leader starts believing that he or she are infallible? What if they start using their charisma to ruin the minds of others? Leaders like Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini have used their charisma to fulfill their sinister motives and had created chaos in their society. These leaders sometimes become addicted to glorification and do not tolerate any kind of criticism. They generally refrain from grooming others for leadership, as they do not want anyone to question their authority or competition, this can happen at all levels of government and business when the wrong leader is empowered.

In spite of some ill effects, a charismatic leader not only transforms the society but also provides a new meaning to human civilization. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Mother Teresa are some of the charismatic leaders who have influenced and have change society in immeasurable ways.

Are you a charismatic leader, and do you recognize the great power and responsibility that comes with the talent? It’s a balancing act but the true at heart are for the betterment of government, business and society as a whole.

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."
- Albert Einstein