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Longxi Bearing USA

Longxi Bearing USA

July 1, 2015

News Release, Walnut California

On June 2, 2015 Allawos & Company facilitated the grand opening of Longxi Bearing USA in the City of Walnut California. Longxi Bearing USA is a joint venture between Fujian Longxi Bearing (Group) Corporation Limited China, known as LS Bearing and Allawos & Company.

Fujian Longxi Bearing (LS) is the largest spherical bearing manufacture in China with 13% of its products exported worldwide. The purpose of Longxi Bearing USA is to provide greater market penetration as well as provide engineering and sales support to their ever growing customer base. The new Walnut California facility will house engineering support staff and customer assistance agents. Safety stock for ongoing customers’ requirements will also be on hand to alleviate any transportations issues that may arise.

Longxi Bearing USA will higher local engineers, office, and sales staff as the new operation ramps up its growth model. LS is already having a positive effect on employment in the United States with the current negotiations of long term purchases of material from fortune 100 firms and alike.

For more information on Longxi Bearing USA please refer to LS’ website at

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