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October 2019 “What Does Experience Have to do With It?”

October 1, 2019

The death of a business is not willing to move forward and grow.  Always reinventing yourself and your business is the life blood of any organization.  Stepping out of that comfort zone or the preverbal box that we sometimes place ourselves in is key to our success.

So, what does experience have to do with my previous statement? As we move through life our experiences shape our lives.  Experience both good and bad is still experience and in the right frame of mined is invaluable to our success.

We’ve all said “well I’ll never do that again” hopefully a lesson learned or perhaps the better way to phrase it would “I won’t do it that way again”. So, we pick ourselves up dust off the negative feelings and move about our business but how do we look at opportunity?

Opportunity and experience are partners.  Yes partners. If you have experienced a bad or demoralizing experience you may shy away from a growth opportunity that you may think is out of reach because experience has taught you that you failed once before in trying to attain that opportunity or something similar.  Transversely if you had a good past experience the confidence would be there and the opportunity in front of you would be a cake walk.

Years back I was receiving a decoration from another Country as a recognition for my role in international diplomacy.  Being much “younger” and less concern with failing I attempted to give a short speech in the other Countries language. Well as experience went this was one experience, I wish I didn’t have or was it?

Since that time, I have given many speeches (in English) adding to my positive experience building on one speech to another when it has become as second hand nature.

Recently I found myself at another international Country’s event and a different language was involved, one that the very mispronunciation could literally mean the difference between calling someone a Mom or a Cow which I didn’t think was very funny. But the opportunity was there.  The opportunity to shake off the past and possible grow my international business. I pulled it off and the opportunities and the step-up stature was there.

Experience should be used as a road towards opportunity.  Not looking as, a bad experience as a negative but as how to learn from it and look for that next opportunity to get past the negative and treat all experience as a positive asset.

The very definition of the word experience is as follows:

·      involvement in ·      participation in ·      contact with
·      acquaintance with ·      exposure to ·      observation of
·      awareness of ·      familiarity with ·      conversance with
·      understanding of ·      impression of ·      insight into


Each one of the above is your business opportunity, how will you incorporate the words above into action to grow your business and build upon your experience?

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"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission."
- Eleanor Roosevelt