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Newsletters 2018

December 2018 “Self-confidences and Business Success”
November 2018 “How to Improve Your Body Language”
October 2018 “The Role of a Catalyst”
September 2018 “Scratch That Itch”
August 2018 “Developing a Personal Strategy”
July 2018 “Five Methods for Finding New Clients”
June 2018 “Managing Conflict”
May 2018 “Methods for Learning to Remember Names and Faces”
April 2018 ” Five Methods for Improving Your Speaking Abilities”
March 2018 “Identifying the Best Time to Change”
February 2018 “Benchmarking”
January 2018 “Public Speaking and Body Language”

"To be blind is bad, but worse is to have eyes and not see."
- Helen Keller