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2016 Newsletters Archive

December 2016 ” USA, „”I’ll be back!“
November 2016 “Fair Fighting Rules for the Holidays and Every other Day of the Year”
October, 2016 “What will the Great Pumpkin bring this Year?”
September 2016 “Are you Listening?”
August 2016 “Are We Entering the Age of De-Globalization?”
July 2016 “Moving Forward?”
June 2016 “June, is the Year Half Over or Just Getting Started?”
May 2016 “May Day, what does it Conjure up for you?”
April 2016 “Thoroughbreds”
April 2016 “Thoroughbreds”
March 2016 “What do Elections and Business have in Common?”
February 2016 “International Business Consulting”
January 2016 ‘New Year’s Resolutions”

"We cannot achieve more in life than what we believe in our heart of hearts we deserve to have."
- James R. Ball